Maternity Sessions

Sessions are best between 29-34 weeks. The last part of the third trimester can be swollen and uncomfortable. I want to make sure you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible so It’s best to schedule our session during this time,

If you would like your session outdoors, because I am a natural light photographer I like to shoot in the evening, the last 2 hours before sunset is best. This way we utilize the gorgeous and soft golden evening light.

Indoor and home sessions can be done at any time.  For studio session done in my home studio I scheduled them in the am hours because this works best for my family.

If you would like to bring a partner along that is great and welcome. If you want to include your baby’s sibling, I suggest we shoot first with your partner and child, and then they leave and we continue. Kids get bored, and you will be distracted. I have found the most successful sessions are done this way. That way we get some great belly shots of you relaxed.

However, if the forecast is for rain we may have to adjust our timeline or forgo outdoor pics altogether. We usually connect over the phone that morning to decide what we need to do if the weather is bad.


By all means, bring along anything you would like to include:

  • ultrasound pics
  • baby shoes
  • stuffed animals
  • and any special mementos

What to Wear

If you normally wear makeup, wear it. And have your hair as you would normally style it.

Please bring ( if you have) long sleeve and/or short sleeve/tank tops in black and white, and a solid color top. Shirts should be fitted as we want to show off that gorgeous belly! Billowy clothing doesn’t look the same. Jeans (maternity are great) if you can still squeeze into pre-pregnancy ones bring along (lucky girl). solid color tops and a solid color dress or skirt (if you wish). Black Lulu/stretch style type pants. If you would like to do a little more revealing shots, I own lots be beautiful fabric to wrap and drape over you to create beautiful classy images. Cute boy short panties and a matching bra are super cute with a pregnant belly!  

Your Partner’s clothing

Jeans, and a black or white shirt, button up shirts, no graphics or prints please. This will give your pics a timeless feel.