Introducing Charley Rae / by Rose Jesky

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I have been sitting at my computer trying to find the right words to describe how beautiful this newborn baby photography session went.  All the words I think of don't seem to do it justice.  But I will try. Amazing! Beautiful! Sweet! Adorable! Sweet! Precious!  These words not only describe little Charley but her parents too.  What an attractive family.  I was so excited to get these photos finished to show them off. 

When you are a new parent just getting used to having a new baby in your home you can feel exhausted, like you have been hit by a truck. (I know I have been there)  For many new moms and dads the last thing they want to be is in a photo.  As a newborn photographer I am passionate about documenting the fleeting moments you have with you little baby.  The newborn stage only lasts a few days!  Yes days.  I am so happy when Parents come to me and they want to be in the photos with their baby.  I know it feel awkward to be in front a camera but it is worth it. Just look at these beautiful First Family Photos below. 


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