Create Your Own Photography Home Studio, Southeast Michigan newborn and family photographer / by Rose Jesky

My “Studio” Space,

I love outdoor portrait sessions, the space, the backdrop, the light, all provided compliments of Mother Nature.  But alas I live in Michigan, and Mother Nature also provides long and cold winters, which causes us all to hide indoors and pray spring comes quickly.

Because of this winter problem I needed a space for portraits!  I spent so much time looking at other photographer’s home studios that it gave me a serious case of photographer’s envy! I had to work with what I had. If you are a mommy photographer and feel like you're left out of the photography cool club because you lack a good place to take a photo, let me tell you, your only limitation is your imagination!

My space is small and crowded but I can get great shots here, and no one would guess these shot were taken in my sitting room.

Take a look and see for your self. I like natural light, but sometimes the light is not satisfactory so I use a Westcott TD 66 continuous light. It mixes well with the natrual light. you can find it here

My backdrop is made from 2 polystyrene core boards I bought from Lowe’s.  Here is an awesome tutorial on how to make them.

The wood floor was also purchased from Lowe’s for $12.

So no excuses ladies (and gents), if I can make this work so can you!