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My name is Rose Jesky, the owner and photographer of Precious Pixel Photography. I have created a beautiful and unique style of newborn photography and I am proud to say the quality of my work is at the top level of the industry's standard.   

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In addition to being a mother to 3 lovable, kiddos, I've got a wonderful husband who's been with me for over 12 years. I couldn't do this without him, that's for sure. Together we look after our 3 babies and make every effort to give them wonderful lives. 

I can be a little "weird" (at least that is what my son tells me) I make up silly songs and sing them to my kids. They will not admit it anyone though. Coffee is a must have in the morning!  My favorite food is Italian, but I am not afraid to try new foods. I love sushi, unfortunately I can't find any one to eat it with me. I enjoy sewing, crocheting, and making all sorts of home decorations. At Christmas time my home is so full of festive decorations it would make Clark Griswold jealous.

I'd love to be your photographer! I specialize in newborn and family photography.  I am so passionate about newborn photography that I am committed to perfecting the art, I am consistently investing in my education and practicing my art. I want to capture more tiny toes, button noses and sweet smiles and I want to do it in the most amazing way you have ever seen. I promise to deliver the same quality of work you see in my portfolio to everyone of my clients. 

Whether you're a brand new mommy, someone who's been in the game for a few years (like me) or you have yet to give birth to your precious bun, one fact remains true: photographs of your children are so important. Not just because they grow and change so fast, but because they last forever and because your loved ones want to stay in the know!

beach photos, Monroe MI photography, family photographer, precious pixel photography
Precious Pixels Photography, family photographer in Monroe MI, photography southeast Michigan, child photo, family photo,


As you look around the website, I hope you find the answers to your questions. Should you have any more questions or simply want to talk, I'm always here, you can reach me  through this website or
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